Missing Granite Falls woman dies in fatal car accident

Phyllis Coffey was last seen in the evening hours on Wednesday. April 25. 

A missing 58-year-old woman was found dead after being involved in a car accident.

Phyllis Coffey was last seen during the evening hours on Wednesday, April 24, driving a red 2000 model Jeep Cherokee with the North Carolina plate PKL-1793. 

Granite Falls Police Department state Coffey was involved in a fatal crash in Caldwell County on US 321. It is unclear as to when the crash occurred. Granite Falls Police was notified today that it was Coffey who died in the crash.

Anyone with information about Coffey's whereabouts should contact the Granite Falls Police Department at (828) 396-3358 or email Chief Chris Jenkins at chief@granitefallspolicenc.com.