Missing man is registered sex offender

A registered sex offender is still missing from his assisted living facility in Statesville. And there are questions about why the public wasn’t notified that he’s a sex offender, when the missing alert went out.
Statesville Police say their investigation doesn’t lead them to think the missing man will commit any crimes. They are concerned about his health, but a neighbor says she thinks police should have warned her.

“I can’t believe they’d have a sex offender in a place like that. It just blows my mind,” said Shierley Cothren, who’s a grandmother.

She didn’t know until Fox 46 Charlotte told her that Terry Adcock, a man who has gone missing from Aurora Assisted Living in Statesville, which is right across the street from her house, is a registered sex offender.

“I’m not very happy, because there are children that live on this street, my grandchildren come over here a lot.”

Adcock was convicted of two counts of attempted first degree rape with a child under 13 in 2008 in Pender County near Wilmington and was just released from prison 7 months ago, according to online records.

The Statesville Police Department did not include information about Adcock being a sex offender in either of its news releases regarding his disappearance.

Fox 46 Charlotte’s Robin Kanady asked Interim Police Chief David Onley why that information was not included.
Kanady asked, “The conviction was for a minor, for a child. There are children all around that facility. Are you not concerned about their safety and want to get that information out there?”

Onley responded, “At this point in time, we’re not concerned of anybody around there. We’ve checked that area extensively to make sure he’s not in that area. We truly believe he has left here just to relocate himself to another location, not with the intent to commit any type of crime or any type of acts.”

That’s not satisfactory for Cothren, who worries about her grandchildren and other children’s safety.

“They should have told us when they said he was missing. I just now found out from you, so they should put that out.”

Onley says Adcock had only been in Statesville for two days. He believes Adcock was relocated to Statesville by DSS in Pender County because the assisted living facility he was staying in near the coast has been closed.

Police do not believe Adcock is still in the Statesville area.

They are not sure if he’s still in North Carolina. If you have any information on where he is, call 704-878-3406.

UPDATE: Terry Adcock was found in Canton, TX and taken into custody.