Mold complaints building at University Center Apartments

Complaints surrounding mold are building at the University Center Apartments in Charlotte.

Tenant Jasmine Armstrong called FOX 46 to share her story about what appeared to be a large amount of mold inside a closet that had been locked by apartment management. 

Armstrong said she never had access to the closet but it was opened up after she complained about water leaks for months.

"And we went and looked and it was like, 'what in the world?'" Armstrong said.

Armstrong is the second tenant to reached out to FOX 46 this week with complaints about mold growing in a closet at University Center. Matthew McGee was the first.

LINK: Tenant frustrated with mold found in University Center apartment

"Just a stagnant, swampy, water type of smell," as McGee described his apartment.

FOX 46 reached out to University Center and was forwarded to their corporate communications. We asked a number of questions, including, what is causing mold growth in multiple units and is there any sort of systemic issue?

No response was provided on Friday evening.

Armstrong, a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, said she spends $1,350 per month on rent.

Management is paying for her to, temporarily, stay in a hotel while it works on repairs. Repairs that cannot happen soon enough for Armstrong.

"I just want it fixed."