Mom says CMS isn't doing enough to help daughter being bullied

A Charlotte mom is turning to FOX 46 to help get results for her daughter. She says her 9-year-old has been constantly bullied and CMS isn't doing enough to keep her safe.

“My daughter is writing songs about being bullied and saying she no longer wants to be on this earth because she’s being bullied,” said parent Sheneka Barnhart.

Barnhart is desperate and worried. She says her 9-year-old daughter, who attends Hidden Valley Elementary School, was beaten up on the bus and bullied.

“This is the second time it’s happened and the second time it’s got physical to where the little girl put her hands on my daughter and told her she was going to kill her.”

Barnhart says the principal took a picture of her daughter’s black eye and swollen lip and promised to review camera footage from the bus.

Barnhart says the suspected bully was suspended for two days from school and is off the bus for a week, but she says that’s not enough

“I want every mother, parent to see my emotion because this is where it’s at with me. I’m to the point where it’s frustrating. I want to take my kid out of CMS school.”

She believes more should be done to hold parents of suspected bullies accountable and there should be stricter punishment for students who don’t stop bullying.

“After this week is up and my daughter goes to school again and this bully gets back on the bus and she’s going to start messing with her again, what’s going to be the consequences this time?”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools tell FOX 46 they won’t comment on student behavior, but they encourage parents with concerns to contact their child’s school and complete an online bullying report. CLICK HERE.