Mom says detective told her there may be foul play in son's death ruled suicide

A Charlotte man, who died under strange circumstances, has been laid to rest. Taemon Blair was buried in Charlotte on Wednesday.

His death was originally ruled as a suicide but his family may have reason to believe otherwise, after a phone call with a detective would said there may be foul play.

“They lifted his neck and it looked like someone tried to decapitate him,” said Blair’s mother, Taesha Hunt. “He’s too tall to hang himself.”

Fort Wayne Police say they found Taemon Blair hanged in the back of the tractor trailer, after he was driving in Indiana.

 “He’s 6' 5", like there’s no way in the inside of a truck could he do that bad of damage to himself,” his brother Dee Smith said.

Officials with the Allen County Coroner’s Office say the death appeared to be suicide, but his family insists Blair had no reason to kill himself.

Hunt says a detective in Indiana called her with some serious concerns: “He said 'they ruled it a suicide but I have speculation there is foul play.'”

The detective also told Hunt there was damage to the truck.  

“He said ‘I looked in the front seat and I see the radio kicked, the dashboard kicked in, like somebody just beat it up.'"

On Wednesday, friends and family buried the 21-year-old Charlotte native and soon-to-be father.

“He was anxious to see his baby,” said Smith. He believes he would have known if something was troubling his brother.  

“We are all so close. We are all straight up with each other. If something was that bad we would have known. That’s how close we are.”

Fort Wayne Police previously told Blair’s mother the case was closed. Now, the family wants it back open.