Mom, son say teachers ignored bullying that led to violent brawl

A Charlotte mother wants answers, saying bullying is what led to a violent brawl between her son and another student that left her child with a concussion. 

The fight happened at West Mecklenburg High School just before Winter Break. FOX 46 is told both students are back and in the same class.

CMPD took a report on this fight and they say it was a situation where both of the students involved were the suspects, but one student says this all started with bullying that was ignored by teachers and administrators.  

Sophia Young says her son, 16-year-old Drizzt Bush, was seen in the video trying desperately to defend himself from an older and bigger teen. 
“He had walked into the classroom to put his stuff down, had come out, slammed my son into the locker, struggling, and hit him multiple times in the head,” Young said. “He was diagnosed as having an acute concussion.” 

Young and Bush say they've had to deal with a suspension and now, anxiety over what happened.

“The kid threw a cup of water on me and then he did it again,” Bush said. 

Both mother and son want answers from the school. Young says her son was bullied and had even reported it to teachers, but was told there was no record of it, which, she says, led to the events on the video.

“I was infuriated, especially at the end, when you see my son struggling to get up off the floor,” said Young. 

Young says she's reached out for a more detailed answer on why harsher action wasn't taken. CMS tells FOX 46 the situation was dealt with according to the code of conduct.

“They had suspended both boys,” Young said. 

CMPD confirms the fight and added that if there had been a documented history of past issues, then that could have led to charges.

That information has Young and her son now asking why the ball was dropped. 

“I just feel like the proper actions weren't taken, and I wish they were, and hope they are from now on,” said Bush. 

The teen says he tried to report the bullying to teachers, but the district says there is a tip page online where bullying can also be reported.

CMS provided some information about the incident but said disciplinary decisions are left up to the schools. West Meck hasn't gotten back to FOX 46.