Moms exposing kids to meth a growing concern in York County

In a months time, four moms were arrested for using methamphetamine in York County and their children were also exposed to the drug, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Detectives say their biggest concern is the welfare of the children who have also tested positive for the drug.

The latest arrest is Kyrstle Vinson who overdosed on heroin in her bathroom, according to authorities.

"I was able to go through the body cam video from the deputies that responded and see the needles out of her purse that a child could have gotten a hold of."

DSS drug tested her 3-year-old son and found meth in his system.

Elizabeth Dease lives a couple doors down from Vinson on Burgis Creek Road in Rock Hill.

"That isn't a life for kids to be raised in," said Dease. "Its sad, too, because they are not going to get to grow up with their parents. This isn't a York county problem, this isn't a socioeconomic problem, drugs don't discriminate."


Detective Beck says these cases of meth-using moms aren't happening in bad neighborhoods. His goal isn't just to make an arrest, but to also get them help.

"These children need their parents and they need their parents to be clean and sober and I hope in the end that's what ends up happening with these cases," he said.

Vinson remains in jail under $15,000 bond. Her 3-year-old son is living with his grandmother.