Money on Your Mind: Apps

You’ve heard the saying there’s an app for that, right? But when it comes to money, it can get overwhelming trying to choose the right one. So FOX 46 did the work for you by choosing the best app for your main 3 financial priorities. And they’re all free!

Let’s start with paying off credit card debt. No shame if you have high balances but nothing will feel better than getting rid of it. That’s why we chose Debt Payoff Planner. 

The app creates a personalized debt management plan. You pay a little extra on certain accounts and once they’re paid off, the amount you were paying is added to what you’re paying on the next account, and so on like a snowball until you’re debt free. You could choose to focus on tackling the card with the lowest balance first, or the card with the highest APR. You choose the strategy that best suits you. 
Debt payoff planner has some cool features such as seeing xactly when each debt will be paid off as well as how much interest you’ll pay. 

If you’re saving for a rainy day, we’re fans of the increasingly popular Acorns app. It’s a hybrid savings/investing app that connects to your bank account. You link your credit or debit card to the app, which enables you to “round up”. Acorns rounds up every purchase to the next dollar, and invests the difference. 

The money adds up painlessly and before you know it, you have savings! Another big bonus: Acorns partners with loads of retailers. If you shop at these companies, they’ll pay you back by investing in you. 

Finally, now that you’ve paid your debt and have an emergency fund, it’s time to invest. 
What’s that? You don’t really know much about the market? Then Robin Hood is the perfect place to get started. 

Robin Hood offers mobile investing in stocks, funds, options, and crypto currencies and it’s all commission free. Not only that, the app is easy to use and educates users on the market. So you can learn about investing while reaping the profits from your investments. Now that’s getting results!

Again, all 3 of these apps are free with options to upgrade for minimal costs. So reclaim your financial power and get started today.

All of the apps are available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.