Monroe business owner accused of scamming grieving families arrested

FOX 46 is getting results for dozens of grieving families who say they’ve been taken for thousands of dollars.

We previously reported that people who paid for monuments for their deceased loved ones never received their orders.

Tuesday afternoon, police arrested Tunis Selby, the monument salesman, on an out-of-state warrant.

The arrest warrant for “breach of trust,” a fraud charge, came from South Carolina. The arrest is a longtime coming for dozens of people who say Selby took their money and ran.

“There's just no reason to put anybody through more grief than they have to through a situation like this,” said Tyler McCollum. He drove to the supplier in Georgia, and paid an extra $1,800 still due on the order to get his mom’s finished tombstone.

“At this point, I don't know whether I'm going to get my grandson's tombstone,” Jennifer Oxendine told FOX 46.

Zoe Koutsogoulas, who paid $10,000 for her monument told FOX 46, “I hope to find this man and bring my son's cross.”

Since that interview, FOX 46 helped to get results, tracking down Koutsogoulas’ monument; the supplier will deliver the finished product in roughly a week.

“I hope that they get justice, that it'll be served,” said Angela Mills.

The Monroe Police Department says 23 of the victims filed police reports against Selby, but it was an out-of-state warrant from South Carolina that put him behind bars Tuesday afternoon.

For the first time, FOX 46 is hearing from one of his suppliers who says he’s out over $20,000.

“The thing, as a supplier,” Bridle said, “I'm in the same boat that a lot of the customers are in and so I kind of feel for them because we're kind of in this thing together.”

Bridle says he has six of Selby’s orders finished, but he never received the fill payment.

“You can kind of see what ones have been here a long time,” Bridle said. “That stone's been here three months.”

Bridle has been sorting through Selby’s orders; some are with him at Winecoff Memorials of Distinction, others are will suppliers based in Georgia.

“This is a list,” he said, pointing to rows of names. “Yeah, that was supplied to me right at the time, probably within a few days of us being told he was going bankrupt,” he said, referring to Tunis Selby,

Bridle is doing what he can to finish the job at cost, but that amount is still a lot for some families to pay on top of what they’ve already paid Selby.

Jennifer Oxendine’s grandson passed away at five years old. He had an inoperable brain tumor; doctors told the family, “take him home and love him.” He died just months later.

Oxendine says she paid $1,850 for Landon’s memorial, but the supplier says Selby still owes the company $800. The grandmother says she’s stretched thin, and can’t afford it.

“Right now, I just don't know where I'm going to get the $800 from,” Oxendine said.