Monroe family given van for daughter with special needs

All Things Possible Medical Fundraising put on a heartwarming surprise for a Monroe family in need.

“They think they're coming to sign some papers that I forgot to have them sign,” said Lisa Sexton, All Things Possible Executive Director.

In the parking lot of the Promenade at Carolina Reserve in Indian Land, the Alanis family showed up right on time. Their youngest daughter, Kayla, was a victim of shaken baby syndrome while in the care of her babysitter at just three months old. 75 percent of her brain was damaged; she has minimal motor function, is blind and sleeps most of the time, but there’s no doubt she’s loved fiercely.

Within minutes of the family’s arrival, they found out the real reason they were there.

“That's your new van,” said Sexton.

“What?,” the couple replied with surprise.

What the Alanis’ didn’t know is the van they were hoping to get arrived way earlier than they expected.

They shared hugs before exploring their new vehicle.

All Things Possible Medical Fundraising works year-round to raise money, so they can buy wheelchair vans for families like the Alanis family.

“I like it,” said their daughter Ailyn, “and I want to ride in it right now.”

Mom, Judith Garcia, says her family is over a million dollars in debt from medical expenses, so the van, valued at $20,000-$25,000 brought tears to her eyes almost instantly.

“I can just say thank you!” she said, “Thank you to everyone that help me, help my family, because before I met these people I was alone,” she said. “Nobody was helping us.”

Now, Kayla’s parents can roll her wheelchair straight into the van without breaking their backs.

It has plenty of functions that’ll make life just a little bit easier for a family that’s finally turning a corner.

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