Monroe mother reunited with officers who rescued her and family members from fire

A mother had the chance to thank the officers who rescued her and family members from fire, saving their lives. 

The heartwarming reunion came just one day after two Monroe Police officers rescued the family from a house fire on Tuesday. There were two adults and three young kids inside. 

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On Wednesday, Stephanie Munoz and the officers came face to face for the first time since the rescue. 

“At one point, I didn’t think I was going to come out of this,” Munoz said. “I just can’t thank them enough for helping us get out of it. If it wasn’t for them, who knows what could’ve happened. It could’ve gotten so much more worse.”

Officers Corey Helms and Dylan Cole have worked in law enforcement for less than a year. They were sworn in to the Monroe Police Department in January 2017. 

“We told them it’s time to go. Stay low, stay behind us and let’s go,” Cole said. Each officer then grabbed a child. Munoz and her sister followed behind with the third kid. 

“I am just doing what I love,” Helms said. “It’s always good to hold children, it’s even better to pull them from burning buildings.”