Month anniversary of Salisbury deaths nears with no arrest

Wednesday, January 4th marks one month since shots rang out in the early morning hours killing 7-year-old Ayanna Allen and 22-year-old Rashad Mathis. Both were killed within three hours of each other and less than two miles apart.

"It made me want to cry," Timothy Batten said.

Barber Timothy Batten is happy to call Salisbury home for nearly three decades, but said he hates the reputation the two deaths have given the community.

"I don't want them to call it Shotsbury, because that's the name they have given it," Batten said. 

The father of two girls himself, Batten and other barbers at the shop raised nearly $4,000 to donate to the Allen family the evening the shootings took place. 

Fast forward a month later and the lack of closure irritates him.

"After all the good that was done by raising money, you people know what is going on or went on. You kind of lose hope because you know people still have that darkness in their heart," Batten said. 

He urges the people responsible to come forward.

"Give the family closure that way they can move on. It's hard to move on when you lose somebody by regular means of death, but for somebody to be taken early that's rough," Batten explained.

Salisbury police said this is still very much an active case, but they are unable to comment at this time about any of aspects of the investigation.