Moon will line up with Jupiter, Saturn in night sky this week

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Hubble Space Telescope photo of Jupiter taken on April 3, 2017 as the planet is nearly 415 million miles away from Earth. (Photo: NASA, ESA, and A. Simon (NASA Goddard))

Heads up! Clear, starry nights in the summer month of August will be highlighted by the moon, Jupiter and Saturn lined up side-by-side. 

According to, the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, will be the brightest in the sky during August. Between August 9 and August 11, stargazers will reportedly be able to see the "waxing gibbous moon" in a straight line between Jupiter and Saturn, the website reports. 

A waxing gibbous moon falls after the first quarter phase of the moon and before the full moon, according to On Friday, Aug. 9, the moon will appear in the sky above and to the left of Jupiter, with Saturn farther left, reports. 

The following night, the moon should appear to be equidistant (at equal distances) between the two giant planets, and on Sunday, Aug. 11 the moon will appear to be slightly to the right of Saturn.