Mooresville coffee shop honors veterans in signature book

On Main St. in Mooresville, everyone is welcome in Richard’s Coffee shop, and those who have served are welcomed home.

“We’re asking people about did you serve or not. It’s just that, we welcome them home, we shake their hand and sign them in our book, said shop employee and Army veteran Roger Shiradelly. 

The 'Book of Honor' holds the names of those service members who have walked through the doors.

“16,000 names in these books, and a lot of people that come through here recognize the names of people they served with,” said Dennis Maroney who volunteers at the shop. 

“It's an honor to be here and to be around some of these people that served this country, in a lot of ways that people don’t even know about,” said Maroney.

Shiradelly works to get results for other veterans making sure Richard Warren, the original owner of the shop, would be proud. 

“It’s what Richard started, to welcome veterans home,” said Shiradelly.

The space serves a need for those who have served. Where veterans gather, share stories and support one another. 

It's grown since warren died from complications from exposure to agent orange. 

“I think he's be amazed. I don't think he imagined something like this happening to this extent.” 

Patriotism is proudly served at Richard’s Coffee Shop where veterans will always have a seat at these tables.