Mooresville family celebrates Christmas in new home with help of Our Towns Habitat

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One Mooresville family is getting a Christmas gift they’ve been wishing years for—a house.

Akisha Trapp is a single mother of two girls, ages 11 and 14.

One of her goals has been to become a homeowner.

Through the help of Our Towns Habitat For Humanity she’s finally achieved it.

“I just want everything for my kids,” Trapp said. “I always dreamed about having a place that we can call home.”

On Christmas, the family spent their first full day inside the house. Fox 46 Charlotte was there as they celebrated both the holiday and their new home.

“I really appreciate all the help I received to get to this point,” Trapp said.

Trapp, 38, works two jobs to provide for her kids. She said the road has not been easy. 

“I had a child who passed away. And we’re closing on the house around the same time of their birthday,” Trapp said.

The family turned to Our Towns Habitat For Humanity for help. The program partners with low-income, working families to secure and build affordable housing.

Chris Ahearn, CEO of the non-profit, said Trapp is an example of what the program strives to achieve.

“We are so happy for Akisha Trapp and her family,” Ahearn said.

New homeowners are responsible for the mortgage, taxes, insurance and home maintenance. The program prepares them through offering financial education classes and making them participate in the building process of their house.

“This mother has put so much work into taking the steps to make sure her kids have a safe, decent place to live. And that’s what so many of our homeowners are trying to do. They’re trying to create better lives for their families,” Ahearn said.

It was the family’s luck that things timed out perfectly to align with the holiday.

“I know that this is a really, really special day for them,” Ahearn said. “Everybody at Our Towns Habitat wishes that everyday in this home is gonna be just as warm and special as this Christmas Day.”