Mooresville family loses home to devastating fire

A Mooresville family watched as a fire ripped through their home that's been in their bloodline since they were children.

It was bittersweet as the fire destroyed the home, which was up for sale, but it was for that very reason that no one was inside at the time.

Thick smoke billowed from the roof as the Mooresville Fire Department tried to tackle the flames from above at the house in the 200 block of South Main Street. The temperature and intensity of the fire made it impossible to get inside.

“I hate to see it like that,” said Mooresville resident Gorman Ward.

Across the train tracks on South Broad Street the owners of Trackside Restaurant watched as their house burned down. They own a total of four houses on the street and were living in one of them.

As for that one, it was vacant, for sale and the couple tells FOX 46 they had an interested buyer.

With the roof now charred and caved in, melted plastic and an unlivable home, the only thing sellable now is the land on which it sits.

“I've been in that house as a little girl along with my brother,” Barbara Stevenson said.

Stevenson and her brother Gorman say their uncle used to live here.

“When we saw that, we said, 'oh that's uncle Golfer's house,’” Stevenson said. “It's emotional it's emotional now to me since I’ve seen this,”

They say they’re too are sad to see it go, and like many others wonder how the vacant home caught on fire in the first place.

One neighbor told FOX 46 she has seen squatters inside the home, but investigators haven't yet come to a conclusion how it started or even where.