More construction coming to Charlotte Douglas International Airport

More construction is set to begin Monday at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Right now, work is still underway at concourses A and B, and now, concourse C is getting a facelift. 

"It'll be a headache getting around it, but it is what it is,” one passenger said. 

FOX 46 has been told the renovations to concourse C will be done overnight so passengers won't be disrupted. Many passengers, however, say they still recall walking through terminals with wires hanging overhead and while the outcome is nice they know the process can be a pain.

"It's a short term headache for a long term good thing."

Renovations on concourse C start on Monday and will include updated seats, new floors, ceilings, restrooms, wireless charging hotspots and more. 

"You've got more places to sit when you have to wait rather than sitting at the gate and they have better food,” another passenger told FOX 46. 

Concourse A and B have already been under construction as part of a $2.5 billion dollar project. So far, passengers are pleased.

"Well just to be able to charge a phone is a huge upgrade right there!”

Outside, construction on the elevated roadway has incoming traffic down to one lane. Travelers say it can be a headache heading into the airport. 

"The roads have changed. It's a lot more confusing."

Several people FOX 46 spoke to say they take Uber to avoid dealing with it. 

"When it's done I’ll be happy but everything's a process."

How do travelers think Charlotte stacks up to other airports?

"Charlotte's a good airport. Better than a lot, easier to get around than a lot of them."

"It's up to date, more modern it's giving the airport a better look compared to other airports.” 

Renovations on concourse B are slated to wrap up this spring. Concourse A is expected to be finished in early 2020, and outside, construction should wrap up at the end of this year.