More than 2 dozen cars broken into in uptown Charlotte parking garage

Dozens of cars were broken in to in an uptown Charlotte parking garage. The people who live there want to know how the suspects got in.

It happened early Saturday morning at the Post Gateway Place Apartments. Residents say they heard several car alarms going off and didn't know why until they saw police and the mess left behind.

CMPD says someone, or some people bypassed a secure gate and went on a rampage. At least 30 cars were left with similar messes and damage.

“I saw glass everywhere and when i shut my door, glass just shattered from my window,” said victim Katherine Nieves.

Nieves says she's out a couple of hundred bucks after her car windows got smashed.

Police say in one instance, one car had four windows hit. Whether it was a deliberate hit or thieves looking for items, it appears they didn't get away with much.

“I’m a kindergarten teacher, you won't find much in my car, and I don't keep any valuables in there,” Nieves said.    

Inside Giovanni Brown's car, you'll notice a mess left behind. As for who did all this, there's no word yet on a suspect or suspects, but Brown and others living here have their guesses.

“I'm pretty sure they were on their feet, and I’m pretty sure it was a bunch of people.  It wasn't just one person that hit 30 cars and got away with it,” said Brown. 

The damage done to his car was on the lower end, but he's feeling for those who had it worse.

“There are some people here who don't have a lot of money, so they'd have to pay for it out of pocket,” Brown said. 

FOX 46 reached out to the complex to see what they had to say, and also find out what's being done to prevent something like this from happening again.

As of now, we have not heard back from them.