More than 2 dozen cars, homes damaged in BB gun shooting spree

Neighbors in a Monroe community are furious after waking up to find their homes and cars shot into.

Nearly 30 people are left cleaning up the damage and footing the bill from that drive-by shooting spree along Dairywood Lane. A stack of police reports piled up after the incidents.

Police believe the same suspects are responsible for each one of them. Each one appears random, and in each case, a BB gun was used.

"They blew out the back glass with a BB, which is weird because everyone else had like a hole but the whole back glass shattered so we got to sweep that up at three in the morning," neighbor Christopher Erickson said. 

More than two dozen homes and cars in Monroe were vandalized in the shootings. Police say the suspects were using a high powered BB gun.

"We saw from Facebook all of our neighbors had posted that there was a black F-150 truck that came through with some teenagers with a BB gun. A ton of damage had been done on our street, that's when we came out and we saw our window had been shot," Kelley Haynes, another victim, told FOX 46.

Haynes didn't hear the shots but heard her glass window crack. 

"Well I didn't know because obviously it was a BB gun so you didn't her a gunshot, so I thought maybe it was a rock that came up and hit, but you can see the BB inside," Haynes said.

Wanda Brown says it's the second time her car was shot into and was glad no one was injured. 

"It's terrible because I don't mess with nobody in the neighborhood. We keep to ourselves and then come out and see this and it's like, I think it's some kids that are bored because schools out," Brown said. 

Glass still litters the ground outside many houses. Victims say the suspects should be forced to pay the tens of thousands of dollars in damages they left behind. 

"Quit. You're costing people money they really don't have. You know it's really hard, especially in these days and times," said Brown. 

The suspects could be facing felony charges depending on the total amount of damages. Monroe police are asking anyone with information, pictures, or home surveillance video to call them.