More than 20 dogs, puppies rescued from hoarding situation in Concord

More than 20 dogs—including several puppies—were removed from a disgusting hoarding situation in Concord last week. Now, a local pet rescue is nursing them back to health, and neighbors in the community are stepping in to help. 

“There are days it’s absolutely heartbreaking and gut wrenching,” said Bill Kreitzer, president and co-founder of Kreitzer's Critter Corral Puppy Rescue. 

The pups are still recovering from a situation that was out of control, according to rescuers.

“As rescuers the things we see the public can’t even fathom,” Kreitzer said. 

The dogs were discovered last Monday, April 8, living in deplorable conditions in the Concord home. One was already dead, and another had to be put down.

“There was a total of 24. I know one was deceased when Animal Control showed up another one was in very poor shape and had to be euthanized immediately when they got it back to the shelter.” 

Kreitzer's Critter Corral Puppy Rescue received six of the puppies. Two others were taken to the Charlotte Humane Society. 

“When we got them they were not in real good condition they have since started improving most of their issues can be traced back to poor nutrition.” 

Health problems among the pups include two with eye issues. Some have sores and are missing fur, which stems from a poor environment.

“It never gets easier and its tough unfortunately these aren’t the worst we’ve seen, but not the best we’ve seen either.” 

Right now, the puppies are being fostered as they prepare for adoption.

The puppies are in much better condition than when we got them their superficial wounds are healing they weren’t well socialized we are working on getting them socialized, which is why the community is also helping the rescue organization get results. Donations are encouraged and accepted. 

“Always use donations because unfortunately there are many more out there that need to be rescued and we will be getting more,” Kreitzer says.

While these pups had a ‘ruff’ start, they're getting happier and healthier by the day, and are now just weeks away-- from finding their forever homes.

“This is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.” 

The puppies should be available for adoption by Saturday, May 4. Monetary donations can be made through the Rescue's Facebook page. Supplies can be donated to the Concord Mills Pet Co.