Mother of Christina Treadway says daughter was a loving mother

"They were loved so very much in life and so very much in death," said Patricia Treadway in a phone interview from Sacramento.

Her quivering voice one of an emotional mother and grandmother still searching for answers as to why her daughter would take her own life and those of her two beautiful kids. 

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"Our daughter has never shown any signs of being depressed," Treadway said. "I want people to know she is a loving mother and would not have done this if she wasn't so trapped and so alone," she added.

"90% of people who die from suicide have a mental health condition," said Fonda Bryant with the National Alliance of Mental Health.

"This impacted me because when I woke up and saw the story I cried because I wish I could see her and I just wish I could have held her hand and tell her 'it's ok, not to be ok,'" Bryant said. 

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Bryant went through a severe case of mental depression years ago. She knows the stigma surrounding mental health issues. She adds there are service in Mecklenburg County that can help someone showing signs of depression. All it takes is a call from a family member or friend.  

"The city official is a little bit different from a regular official because they have been trained 40 hours in mental heath and addiction. You can request one and they will come out. They are trained to de-esclate someone in a crisis, she said. 

Patricia and her family offer their condolences to the Miller family saying everyone involved is hurting from this tragedy.

"We are grieving too," Treadway said.  We have lost three, just like they lost two and it doesn't make it any less because they are their grandchildren, they were our grandchildren too," she said. 

The Crisis Intervention Team has been in Mecklenburg County since 2008. You're asked to request a CIT officer after calling 911.

Christina's grandparents have created a gofundme account of their own to help with funeral and travel expenses.