Mount Holly woman asks for guardrail after multiple car crashes on property

A Mount Holly homeowner is sick and tired of cars crashing into her property, and most recently her house. FOX 46 is working to get results to keep vehicles from veering into her home's vicinity.

A broken out window is now boarded up after the car slammed into Christy Baxley's home on Lanier Avenue Monday.

"And now I have the whole side of the house knocked out," Baxley said.

It's not her first rendezvous when it comes to drivers rolling onto her property.

"They've hit the fence like three times, and this time, they got the house." 

Tired of having to make a fix, a fallen-in fence still remains damaged from an incident last year.

"I had it done and everything and I've just quit fixing it," she said.  "It seems every year I'm putting up a fence, you know."

Baxley is turning to city leaders to put the pedal to the metal, in an effort to get something done so drivers will be forced to pump the brakes.

"I asked them for a guard rail and I guess it wasn't a big deal," she said.  "And that's why now I'm like-- what do I need to do?  Obviously the chain link fence isn't going to be good enough."

At least not for the speed demons sweeping through this neighborhood.

"They speed and this isn't the first house that's been hit on this street," said Baxley. "I'm glad we moved everyone out of the house so no one was in it."

When FOX 46 reached out to city leaders, they directed us to the Mount Holly Police Department. We are waiting to hear back for some answers from them.