Movie theater beefs up security amidst Tennessee shooting

A Gaston County movie theater is taking extra security measures during the same week an attempted assault in a Tennessee theater ended with police shooting and killing the suspect.

Franklin Square 14, part of Regal Cinemas, has a sign posted that reads, "Backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to inspection prior to entry to this facility."

Earlier in the week, there were signs on the front doors that said backpacks and certain carrying items were not allowed at all -- but those signs have since been taken down.

The movie theater would not comment with us. Gaston County Police said it has beefed up security around the theater since the Tennessee incident.

Authorities say Vincente Montano brought a hatchet, fake gun and pepper spray into a Tennessee theater on Wednesday. Officers fired 100 rounds at Montano as he assaulted moviegoers -- killing him.