Moving in after the mold: JCSU students return to dorms after cleanup

Students at Johnson C. Smith University will finally go back to class Tuesday after a FOX 46 investigation brought a mold problem in the dorms to light.

The University says the majority of residence halls are now clean but some students are being housed in hotels because of the mold.

The school says each room had to pass an inspection before it was cleared and because of this two week delay, the spring semester will now end May 6.

“Even though classes are starting tomorrow, students are still trying to get acclimated,” said senior Michael Manigault. “It pretty much cut into our winter break, extending it a little more.”

Manigault was not happy classes were delayed two weeks as the University cleaned up mold in dorms.

“I mean a lot of students are getting ready to graduate, I’m getting ready to graduate myself, and the fact I had to wait a few more days to come back to the school was a bit inconvenient.” He said his dorm room was clean, but knows several friends who got sick fighting the fungus.

This past fall, students reached out to FOX 46 to get results. The University President released a letter to students addressing the issue after our investigation.

“It could have been handled better since it took them a while to even acknowledge the mold.”

The school says no student will be assigned a room that has not been cleaned. The students that are staying in hotels will be shuttled to and from campus.