Mt. Pleasant Animal Rescue in need of transport van

FOX 46 Charlotte is working to get results for an animal rescue in need of a new van.

Mt. Pleasant Animal Rescue posted to Facebook saying, " We need a work van where we can bolt down cages and keep supplies in it for the safety of the animals."

The rescue doesn't have the money to get the type of van it needs in order to take animals to the vet or events. FOX 46 Charlotte is helping get results for the animal rescue.

Carol Miller and Janet Poteat founded the animal rescue in November of 2016. They live to help these furry friends.

"These animals are my passion," Miller said.  "This is the reason I get up every day."

It's a passion that brings them to tears.

"I have a big heart for animals," said Poteat.

"We get very passionate," added Miller.  "To the point of crazy," she said laughing.

"I mean we are new, but growing fast," she said, as there are always animals in need of shelter and care.

"There's a huge need in this area, I don't think you can have enough rescues," Miller said.

"You would not believe how many animals out there are running around that have no homes or people get tired of them and throw them out the door," Poteat added.

The organization is entirely run off donations, adoption fees and volunteers.

"If there isn't money coming in, it comes out of my pocket," Miller said. Right now, the animal rescue is in need of a transport van.

"What we are looking for is an extended work van that we can take seats out and bolt down crates so they are transported safely," Miller said.

Right now, the non-profit uses a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck-- which doesn't allow a lot of room.

"It's a great truck for when we put tables and stuff in for events and empty cages and supplies," Miller said.  "But the animals have to be inside the cab and I can only fit two crates in the back -- and possibly a small carrier in the front side of the passenger seat."

The organization counts on volunteers to get animals from point a to point b--  because there's just not enough room.

"It would be much safer and easier for them to be in one van," said Miller.  "Secured in crates."

"It's vital," added Poteat. 

"It's absolutely vital-- safety is key and I won't transport if it's not safely,” Miller said.  “The animals’ safety and welfare comes first.  We know we can't save them all-- but we are going to save what we can."

If you know how to help, get in touch with us at, or message us on Facebook.