Multiple business in Rock Hill on edge after string of robberies

The crime spree began Saturday night with a number of robberies in multiple Rock Hill neighborhoods. Rock hill Police say this man pointed a gun and demanded money of a clerk at the Walmart gas station on Cherry Road.

"He couldn't get in, so he left the scene and as soon as he left the clerk ran out to the grocery store and contacted us," Cpt. Mark Bollinger said.

Minutes later, this happened at Marco's pizza on heckle boulevard:

"He grabbed the whole cash register and left with it," Cpt. Bollinger said.

Fast forward to Monday night, the Subway on West Main Street also hit. The employees there were so shaken the manager tells FOX 46 Charlotte she's closing the shop earlier.

We showed her this photo of the man that allegedly robbed the Walmart on Cherry road. She says it looked very similar to person that came into her store. Even the police reports indicate similarities in what the robber was wearing from these robberies.

Rock Hill police are still sorting through surveillance video to see if the robberies are connected.

It's not just businesses; three other reports of people being robbed at gun point were filed on the same days.

"Poor guy was just trying to be nice and he got advantage off," David Slals said.

David Slals tells me a man came to his home asking for help and he called police. The man told Slals he was giving a young man a ride from the gas station to Sidney Road when that man and his friend pulled out guns on him.

"He was just so he was trying to keep from crying cause he was so upset, he said they took all of his medication, they went through his pockets, they told him 'you better be glad you are still alive'," Slals said.

Rock hill's 2016 numbers for armed robberies and gangs are up and it's something Rock Hill has been working on this year.

"In police work, you look always look at long term trends and so from 10 years ago we were still down 66 percent," Cpt. Bollinger said.

For now Rock Hill police say they are increasing patrols and working with businesses to make sure their employees are more aware of their surroundings.