Multiple people injured after 2 unrelated weekend stabbings in Lincoln County

Brian McDonald was arrested for a stabbing incident in Lincoln County on Saturday. (Lincoln County Sheriff's Department)

Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies responded to two separate stabbings over the weekend.

The first occurred on Saturday, around 9 p.m., when officials responded to calls about a stabbing victim near 5300 Silver Lane in Iron Station.

Kendrick Prather was found sitting in the driveway with several stab wounds and being treated by his girlfriend, police say.

Reports say that Iron Station resident Brian McDonald, 51, hit a female victim knocking her unconscious and while Prather attempted to intervene, McDonald stabbed him. The suspect was arrested on Sunday and faces multiple charges including intent to kill with a deadly weapon.

The second stabbing occurred near 6300 Topaz Lane where officers arrived on the scene to find Barron Smith in a bathroom with multiple stab wounds. After an initial investigation it was determined that there were four suspects. Police are still looking for the main suspect, 34-year-old Kannapolis resident Zachary Clinkscales. It is unclear if the other three suspects are in custody at this time.