Murder trial in protester killing begins on Monday

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Charged with murder: Rayquan Borum

The highly-anticipated murder trial for Rayquan Borum begins on Monday with opening statements from both the prosecution and defense.

A jury is in place and the alternates have been set.

Borum faces first degree murder charges in the death of 26-year-old Justin Carr, who was shot and killed during riots that took place in uptown in 2016. The riots were in reaction to a fatal shooting by the police of Keith Scott.

Eight of the jurors selected are women, four African-American, four caucasian.

Judge Greg Hayes will preside over the case.

Prior to jury selection, Judge Hayes ruled that an apparent confession video by Borum made the night of the incident, is going to be permissable during trial, citing a lack of proper paperwork not filed by Borum's defense attorneys, Hayes said.

FOX 46 WJZY will be in the court room this whole week providing updates.