Murdered teen's family needs answers

An energetic, sports loving, helpful young man is how family described Tyshaud Brown, the 11th grader found shot to death Wednesday behind Allenbrook Elementary School.

"This is worthless, this is useless, all this murdering and killing it's for nothing, you gaining nothing," Derell Moore, Tyshaud's uncle said.

Moore said it's time to put an end to the violence but it will take the community working together.

"And then they want justice. If we eliminate these murders we don't have to worry about justice and we solved everything ourselves," Moore said. 

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Gary McFadden, a retired homicide detective for CMPD, worked hundreds of murder cases. He now works in the community to keep children on the right path.

"We're facing the same things that all other cities across America are facing where the community and law enforcement are trying to come together but then we are not reaching deep enough down to reach the people that are causing the violence,” McFadden said. 

Moore believes people in the community have answers that his family desperately needs to find Tyshaud’s killer.

McFadden believes it will take the community and law enforcement working together on a daily consistent basis before change takes place. 

”Lets’ talk about providing the information and not labeling it as a snitch, talk about the stuff that happens in the community that we can help them with. So when we’re talking about community initiatives and community and law enforcement all we’re asking is, let us work together to solve these violent crimes and come together to continually make our community safe,” said McFadden.

Once the killer is caught Moore said he wants to sit down and ask them why they killed his nephew and was it worth it.

In the meantime, he has a message for them. "If you did the crime, man up to it and say you did it or if you have information on who did it, just please let someone know. Just please put yourself in our shoes and how you would be feeling right now. All we want is a little bit of closure," he said. 

Moore said a vigil is planned for Friday morning at West Mecklenburg High School where Tyshaud went to school. Anyone with information on this case is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.