Music to our ears: York Intermediate music teacher gets results for students

FOX 46 Charlotte recognizes teachers who get results in the classroom.  This week's teacher is 'music to our ears.'

When it comes to this educator, she's certainly hitting all the right notes.

"It's amazing the amount of learning that takes place with these students," said York Intermediate Principal Keith McSwain.

Deloris Benn's teaching sounds like anything but a broken record.

"She's so exciting to watch as a teacher," McSwain said, and she does it all with bells on.

Deloris Benn, a music teacher at York Intermediate School, is this week's teacher getting results.

"I'm very excited-- very blown away over it," said Benn.  "It's just unbelievable-- I'm shocked."

Miss Benn is a musician herself-- fluent in clarinet, piano and the organ.  She's able to march to the beat of her own drum.

"Being an elective class in here, I don't have to be as structured and strict," she said.  "We can have fun doing different things."

She's been a teacher at York Intermediate for eight years now.  It's through music that she motivates these aspiring musicians.

"And you leave with a big smile on your face knowing you have a teacher like that in your building," McSwain said.

A teacher who gives her all-- playing an instrumental role in the lives of her middle schoolers.

"I'm just having fun," she said.  "I enjoy it-- it's fun for me."