Mystery headstone found at the bottom of Lake Hickory

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Authorities are investigating a mysterious object found at the bottom of a local lake. 

Scuba divers in Lake Hickory describe the submerged headstone as their most unique find yet. While intrigued, they said they're also determined to return the stone to its rightful owners. 

There's no denying folks can find some pretty interesting things diving in local lakes. 

For Lake Hickory scuba divers, a gravestone reading Eve T. Thompson, September 22, 1919 to March 9, 1989, is about as interesting and intriguing as it gets. 

"I've heard stories in my childhood about people of course, people's ashes being dumped in the lake, but as far as actual grave stones, that's not something you find everyday out here on the lake."

After a popular boating weekend the divers said they were just treasure hunting. 

"You never know what you are going to find when you are out here."

Through dark, murky waters they came across no ordinary rock - instead a perfect rectangle. 

"As we waved our hand over it, get rid of some of the silt, we could clearly see that's a grave stone."

Brian Stafford told FOX 46 Charlotte it's no accident that the stone was that deep in the lake. 

"The area that it was one just walked up to the edge and threw had to be carried and dropped by a boat...for it to get out as far in the lake as it was," Stafford explained. 

Stafford called deputies from surrounding counties, looking for any report of a missing grave stone. 

"None had any stolen with that name or date of birth."  

Diving in head-first, FOX 46 Charlotte did a little research of our own, uncovering the records of the "mystery woman" Eve T. Thompson, and found a match at Hickory Funeral Home. 

Hickory Funeral Home said they served the Thompson family in 1989 and Eve Thompson would have been buried in Oakwood Cemetery. 

Stafford said he believes the stone could have been stolen from the cemetery but may also be a grave marker carved with a mistake. Until he finds the family - the stone will stay in the lake. 

"If a family member passed and their family wanted to make this a memorial site for them...we don't want to bring that up...we want to show respect for the family and leave it be."