Mystery 'space vehicle' spotted traveling along Florida road

What do you think this vehicle is?

A Charlotte woman who recently moved to Lakewood, Florida witnessed a bizarre sight Friday morning on the road. 

What can only be described as a mysterious 'space vehicle' was observed around 8 a.m. by Jessica Blank along Hidden River Trail at Lorraine Road as she was driving her children to school. 

"We definitely saw it had a person [inside] when we were finally able to pass it. My best guess is he was pedaling the thing," she said. 

In Blank's post she wrote, "Experiencing a different sort of rush hour traffic here in Florida. #notintheCLTanymore #lateforschool #thenewTomShortRd." 

Courtesy: Jessica Blank

FOX 46 Charlotte did some digging and the vehicle could be either a solar powered e-bike, an electric velotaxi tricycle, or a hybrid cab bike hawk.