National Weather Service Ranks Union County Tornado an EF0

The tornado that touched down in Union County Monday evening has been designated an EF0 by the National Weather Service. Some folks are still coping with its aftermath.

Trees ripped apart. A shed torn down. All this just a few feet away from this home on Jug Broome Road in Union Country.

“I was devastated to see all this that had happened. I didn't realize all the damage that had happened until this morning," said Peggy Davis.

Just across the street from Davis, a backyard swimming pool was carried away.

“This is where the pool was in this open area where there's no grass," said Melissa Burton.

A day after the tornado hit, the National Weather Service sent out a team to look at the damage.

“We would assign a wind speed based on the damage assessment. We want to know how wide it might have been, the distance that it traveled on the ground," said Tony Sturey.

The last time a twister touched down in Union County was back in September 2011. This time, the funnel cloud took many by surprise.

“It was just seeing it after that made me realize that this was so close to this vehicle and this so close this this one bedroom. It made me grateful very very grateful," said Burton.

The National Weather Service says the tornado was on the ground for about 3 minutes and ran less than a mile course.

It's ranked the least powerful tornado – EF0 - with winds maxing out around 85 mph.

“It could have been devastating. The house could have been gone. I could have been gone. I have a lot to be grateful for today," said Davis.

The National Weather Service reports no one was injured during Monday’s tornado. The last tornado that touched down in 2011 was also ranked an EF0.