Nations Ford Community Church remembers Pastor's legacy

"It was truly shock and numbness and disbelief that is the bottom line," church member, Adrienne Young said.

"It was a feeling of disbelief that how could this have happened.” Associate Minister, Kevin Butler said.

There were few dry eyes in the house, as Nations Ford Community Church came together to honor the memory of their founder, and pastor of 36 years, Phillip Davis.

Davis died over the weekend after police say he accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun.

Members say it was a night of celebration and remembrance for a great powerful man. They say he influenced them for the better.

"The time that he shared with us individually I think each one of us will have a particular memory, of that particular time. Personally, I have so many in the short time that I've known him I'll never be the same."

A leader in the church and a leader in the community, those who knew him say he was passionate, bold,  and cared about everyone.

"He truly was a man after Gods own heart and led us in ways that we may never have again,” church member Edward Young said.