Nativity scene forced to add secular pieces

Jesus and Santa Clause, they're both part of a nativity scene that's had it's fair share of controversy.

"I've always been a big fan that Christ is the reason for the season," said Eric Hibbler. "It kind of goes with the whole, we're switching over to the happy holidays thing instead of the Merry Christmas thing."

Hibbler is outside the old courthouse in Dallas with his family. It's a Christmas celebration with music.

"I found it a really good way to start off the Christmas season."

And this nativity scene, which follows some controversy.

"We're glad the manger is back," Hibbler said.

Two years ago the town rallied after the organization Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a complaint with the possibility of a lawsuit because this previous nativity rested on government property, which is illegal.

That is, unless secular items, like Santa, are placed at the scene, as well.

"It is Christmas and Christmas is about that little baby in the manger," Hibbler said.

FOX 46 Charlotte asked some here, would they be okay with other religions setting up displays on this government property?

"I see no reason why you can't do a Chanukah scene, a Kwanzaa scene. It should all be represented fairly," Hibbler said.

This season, Santa is sharing space with an angel. For some it's not exactly ideal, but they'll continue to celebrate.