Navy vet faces dangerous commute in Belmont due to lack of sidewalks

FOX 46 is working to get results for a Navy veteran who takes his life into his hands every time he leaves his house in Belmont.

We first met Billy Crawford after seeing him along on Woodlawn St. in Belmont. He was riding his medical scooter in the road because there wasn't a sidewalk.

“I had a stroke when it was 2002, 17 years ago, and I can't drive a car,” Crawford said.

He's had some close calls. Cars continually swerve around him until he can dart down a back road to get home. It's his only option, but he still needs to run errands like the rest of us. He also likes to get pictures printed at Walmart. The trip there, though, scares him.

“It certainly does, but I have to make the trip,” said Crawford. Woodlawn street isn't the only road in Belmont and other towns, for that matter without sidewalks.

FOX 46 reached out to the city and found out there's a new department of transportation program to address ADA compliance.

Smaller cities like Belmont will do an inventory to determine how many roads don't have sidewalks. From there, they'll apply for grants in hopes of improving accessibility.

FOX 46 called the Director of Public Works on Crawford's behalf the director says he plans to personally meet Crawford and see what the city can do to help him.

“One sidewalk from 7-11 to Cason Rd. Is all I need,” Crawford said.