NC-DOT, C-DOT prepare for winter weather

Winter weather is just around the corner and the Charlotte Department of Transportation says their crews and equipment are ready.

Chief meteorologist John Zeigler on the FOX 46 Neighborhood Storm Watch team tells us what we can expect in our winter outlook.  

"I'm thinking because it looks like a La Nina winter we're probably going to see more of a mild and a dryer winter. So, I would expect temperatures three to five degrees above average on a daily, remember this is the whole year so, overall maybe a little bit warmer and a little bit dryer,” he said. 
C-Dot spends about $300,000 per year on materials and supplies for snow and ice removal. While the NC Department of Transportation says they have $44.5 million budgeted for snow and ice preparation and removal going into next year, but how much snow could we see?

"That's the big question: ‘how much snow are we going to see Johnny?’ I get this question all the time. Unfortunately, we only average about four inches a year here in the Charlotte area, so, even on a warm and dry year it could only take one system, a good system, even on a warm and dry year to mess it all up and you could still see more. So, while my forecast is probably for a little less snow, the snow forecast here could easily still be more."

C-Dot has 37 trucks and contractors at the ready but they don't have enough resources to deploy and clear the roads when snow and ice fall just before rush hour.  

"We know in the Piedmont in the area where we live, we always have to be prepared. Ice is always the main problem so on a warmer year ice could actually become a bigger issue where snow would definitely be the better route. So on a year like this, you never know, you could have more ice than normal,” said Zeigler. 

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