NC firefighter's wives overwhelmed by response to pregnancy photos

The pictures have gone viral for so many great reason. Seven to be exact. Seven firefighter wives in Salisbury are all pregnant.

The first baby is due April 2 and from there the dates are scattered throughout the summer with the last one arriving in September.

The idea first came to Brianna Mistchele, a former Salisbury firefighter and current photographer.

“I said let’s meet up and do a little photo shoot,” said Mistchele. The women all feel like sisters to Mistchele so she wanted to do something special. She gathered up gear and made little onesies bearing their dad’s station and name.

“When we did these pictures I had no idea it would take off like this,” said Stephanie Martin who is due April 5.

“Some of us shared them and then the next morning we woke up and several people re-posted it,” said Chelsea Clein who is expecting her second child.

From the London to Canada and even Australia, Mistchele has heard from people all over the world. She even heard from a woman who wanted to make baby booties for the newborns.

“It’s nice to talk to everyone to see what they are going through,” added Clein.

“It’s nice my daughter will have friends throughout her life that she’s known since she was a baby,” said Crystal Carter who is expecting a little girl.

Thousands of people have seen the pictures which Mitschele is happy about. She’s happy to share the good news with the world.

“It’s been amazing to see everyone congratulate us,” said Martin.

They’ve also heard a few of the jokes like there’s something in the water or all of the firefighters were out at a party.

Six of the seven are first time moms.

“The fire department is a big family and he’ll always have friends to play with,” said Amber Overcash.

“We’ve been saving every little thing,” said Brittany Summers who plans on making a scrapbook and to tell her daughter about all of this attention.

The women say people in their community have even dropped off diapers and other items for the babies.

Two other wives gave birth within the last three months. Once all the babies are born Mitschele wants to bring everyone back together for pictures with their dads.