NC health officials: No link between cases of thyroid cancer, coal ash in Iredell County

The North Carolina Health and Human Services Department released a report confirming there is no link between coal ash and thyroid cancer.

The state officials say reasons for a spike in thyroid cancer cases in Iredell County are not known, but they are confident it’s not because of coal ash.

Iredell County Health Officials and concerned neighbors previously requested the state to research why there are so many recent cases in the area.

“Thyroid cancer or cancer of any type is very devastating to families, and you have a human tendency to want to blame something," said Linda Guld who lives in Mooresville.

“We hope this gives local residents a lot of peace of mind,” said Duke Energy Spokesperson Bill Norton.

The State Health Department writes, “Radiation is the only environmental exposure that has been clearly linked to thyroid cancer. Our review found no evidence of increased exposure to radiation around the McGuire nuclear site in the past 40 years.”

“The one thing they found in the report is that there is a connection between thyroid issues and radiation,” said Norton. “So that’s why they looked at the nuclear station and all that data says we are free and clear as well.”

FOX 46 Charlotte has asked Iredell County Health Department leaders for their reaction to this state study. They said they would get back to us in the coming days.

As for the coal ash clean up, Duke Energy is expecting feedback from the state on April 1. After that, they will purpose a plant exit plan by August 1.