NC mall Santa resigns after reportedly fat-shaming 9-year-old boy

Photo: WLOS

A mall Santa in Forest City, North Carolina has reportedly resigned after a 9-year-old boy claims he was fat-shamed by him during a visit over the weekend.

According to a statement from town officials, the mall Santa has apologized to Anthony and the Mayse family and has since resigned from his post.

“When I got done, he said lay off the hamburgers and french fries, and that really just disrespected me and I felt awful,” Anthony said.

He says he broke into tears when Santa insulted him over his weight.

"And I went out and I started crying because I just felt so bad," 9-year-old Anthony Masyse told WLOS.

“I was just mind blown. I wished a million times that we would have never went,” said mom, Ashley Mayse.

The town manager says Santa apologized for the rude remarks to both the supervisor and the Mayse family.

"When he went to apologize to me, he didn't even mean it," Anthony said.