NC NAACP President holds post-election service

Hundreds of people packed Myers Park Baptist Church for a special post-election worship service, Sunday. The special sermon was led by North Carolina NAACP President Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II. He gave a lesson on history, American politics through the years, and tied it in to the story of Samuel.

“The biggest thing in scripture is love, treating women right, lifting the poor, embracing immigrants not throwing them away, and embracing people that are different than us,” said Dr. Barber.

Churchgoers cheered while he preached on hot-button issues that were at the forefront of the election. Dr, Barber said American’s should come together and that it’s not a leftist idea. "We've always had this diversity, the moral movement is all diverse it's black, it's white, it's young, it's old, it's gay, it's straight, it's Republican, it's Democrat, because a moral agenda is not about left or right it's about our deepest moral values,” said Dr. Barber.

He says Americans weren't un-elected, nor was the constitution or American's deepest values. Dr. Barber said, "In fact, if anything the very way the election turned out nationally is an election for us. It says it's time for us to keep working on this grand experiment called American democracy, until it truly is a more perfect union."

More than ever he feels people need to be engaged and not divided. "We have a serious evaluation of our American democracy going on right now. And that's why you see people in the street. They're not just in the street because they're mad about Trump they're concerned about these policies,” said Dr. Barber.

Dr. Barber says America still has a long way to go as a nation. But, there are three things American’s should always strive for: love, justice and mercy.