NC State Senator files bill to repeal HB2

Another bill has been filed to repeal House Bill 2 – and this one is sponsored by a local state senator.

Earlier Tuesday State Senator Joel Ford, a Democrat from Mecklenburg County, filed legislation to repeal HB2 which also allows sort of a cooling off period.

None of the previous bills have been successful as State Republicans and Democrats haven’t been able to agree on a compromise.

Senator Ford’s bill would repeal HB2 outright and it would prevent local governments in North Carolina from creating or changing any ordinances that have to do with regulating access to showers, restrooms or changing rooms.

That moratorium would last for a period of 30 days after the bill became law.

This coming Thursday marks the one year anniversary since HB2 enacted. It’s estimated to have cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue after companies refused to bring their business to North Carolina.

The state lost several sports events all because of backlash to the law and former Gov. Pat McCrory lost his race to Roy Cooper largely because of his signing of HB2.

In a statement, Senator Ford said about his proposed bill, “We are running out of time. I believe this is one last effort in the State Senate to repeal HB2. I know some people want an all-or-nothing repeal. However, we have witnessed time and time again the political reality of that happening. If we really want to repeal HB2, stop the economic bleeding, and work to repair the state’s reputation, I strongly urge all stakeholders to come to the table and agree on an acceptable solution.”

Senator Ford would go on to say that he doesn’t know what kind of hearing his bill will get in the State Senate but that he’s reaching out to senate leadership to figure out the best path for a repeal, and to stop efforts on both sides of the aisle to just score political points.