NC Values calls for Meck Co. rep not to be seated over alleged absentee ballot irregularities

Rachel Hunt (right) defeated Bill Brawley (left) by just 68 votes in the race for HD103.

NC Values Coalition says it has uncovered absentee ballot irregularities in Mecklenburg County and is calling for the elected representative not to be seated until an investigation is conducted.

The group filed a memorandum with the Clerk of the North Carolina House of Representatives to suggest irregularities in the HD103 between Bill Brawley (R) and Rachel Hunt (D). Hunt won the election by just 68 votes.

NC Values Coalition says Hunt should not be seated because of voting irregularities involving absentee by mail ballots.

The group says those irregularities could impact at least 300 ballots.

The North Carolina Democratic Party calls the move a last minute desperate attempt to deny a seat to a lawfully elected representative.