NCDOT opens new I-77 Quick Pass customer service centers

NCDOT has opened the doors at two brand new Quick Pass customer service centers on Tuesday.

These centers will let people set up a pre-paid account for when they go through the I-77 toll lane.

A transponder will be issued to the driver, they'll keep that on the dash of their car, and its signal will then dock the amount owed right out of the account.

If you sign up for the transponder account, you'll get a 35 percent discount on the toll roads.

The two centers can be found on Winston Rd. in Monroe, and the other is on W.T. Harris Rd. in Charlotte.

You don't have to have a transponder to drive the toll roads, instead they'll mail you a bill to your house, but then you'll be paying full price and have to pay it in full within 30 days of driving on the road.