Nearly 1,000 gather in Uptown for climate strike

Hundreds of protestors and students as young as 8-years-old flooded the plaza outside the Government Center in Uptown to stand against climate change. The climate strike rally was organized by a local high school freshmen in less than 48 hours after 16-year-old environmental activist reached out on Twitter.

During her speech, the young activist Greta Thunberg, was interrupted.

"If you want to speak with me personally you can do it later,” Thunberg told the crowd.

The heated exchange made a crowd of nearly 1,000 roar. Thunberg immediately got back on track, focusing on climate change.

"When we look back at this crucial time we want to be able to say that we did everything we possibly could to push the world in the right direction,” said Thunberg.

The climate strike was organized by Mary Ellis Stevens in less than 48 hours. She strikes at the government center every Friday, but this day she was joined by Thunberg and hundreds of others.


"I began striking and kinda kept up with it because I saw all these pictures of Greta and she kept at it. So to have her come join me was really amazing,” said Ellis Stevens.

Many of those who crowded the government center are too young to vote, but still want their voice heard in a different way.

"I think this is huge. This is literally the end of humanity as we know it,” said on student who missed school to attend the rally. 

The strike even captured the attention of Charlotte City Council who met with Mary Ellis Stevens before the rally.