Nearly 2 dozen mailboxes vandalized in Indian Land

People in Indian Land are putting their mailboxes back up, or in some cases getting new ones after someone knocked nearly two dozen of them down overnight. This isn't the first time this has happened on the road either.

"Deputies say 21 mailboxes were hit along the road here in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and some of that mess is still here."

The pieces are all over Henry Harris Rd., and you don't have to look hard to see holes right through, and others left in a ditch.

“When my husband first woke up this morning, he went outside and noticed it immediately. I posted something on Facebook to see if anyone else had posted it, and sure enough,” victim Lori Marshall said.

Marshall is one of the 21 homes hit along a stretch that spans over four miles. Some were knocked all the way down while others were left standing-- some right next to one another.

“I go to walk my dog, and 'lo and behold,' mine got hit, too,” Molly Rice said.

Rice lives just up the road from Marshall. Her mailbox had the big hole in it.

“Plastic is everywhere, my mail is scattered for a hundred yards,” Rice told FOX 46.

We talked with several people who live along Henry Harris Rd., and they say this same thing happened last month, but what happened early Wednesday was like nothing they had seen before.

Lancaster County deputies tell FOX 46 they're still working the case and tell us they don't know how the damage was done just yet.

Some believe it was with a baseball bat, but Rice says she found a rock near her mailbox.

“There's a lot of us that are mad on Henry Harris Rd., I’m sure,” Rice said.

For now, all these frustrated neighbors can do is fix the damage or get a new mailbox. That's what Marshall had to do, and that's not cheap.

“We spent about $100,” Marshall said.

Deputies tell us whoever did this could be facing federal charges in this case because vandalizing a mailbox is considered a federal offense.