Neighbor dispute leaves father of 2 dead

A Gaston County man remains in jail after being charged with the murder of his neighbor. 59 year-old Gregory Town was arrested Saturday afternoon without incident at his Dawnwood Drive home. He is accused of shooting and killing 25 year-old Patrick Schneider.

"We loved him dearly and always will," said Schneider's girlfriend, Brittany Self.

Self says she is still in disbelief that a disagreement between neighbors could turn deadly.

"He took my best friend and my boyfriend away from me and he will never come back. I have to tell my kids that their daddy isn't coming back home," said Self.

Schneider was the father of a 1 year-old and 4 year-old boy.

It was Saturday afternoon Gaston County Police say Schneider was found laying in the middle of Dawnwood Drive after being shot in the chest. His neighbor, Gregory Town, was arrested and charged with first degree murder.

Investigators say there was a history of disagreements between Town and his neighbor.  On Saturday, police believe Town was upset about cars being parked in front of his home.

"My boyfriend did not deserve that. He did not put his hands on him at no point or nothing. So he shot him in cold blood," said Self.

Throughout Sunday, dozens of family and friends stopped by Schneider's home.

"Everybody knew Pat and everybody knew that he was funny," said Self.

His girlfriend is left holding on to the memories of their adventures and the precious moments spent with his two young sons.

Gregory Town remains in the Gaston County Jail without bond.