Neighbor recalls heartbreaking moments after house fire kills 2

The Charlotte Fire Department has brought in extra resources to investigate an early morning house fire that killed two people and a dog.                

The doors and windows have been boarded up, and a fence has also been put up around the charred and blackened home. 

Family members are grief-stricken over the loss, and they aren’t the only ones. 

“It's a lot of hurt, the fact that you hear somebody crying out for help and you can't do nothing about it, it hurt,” said neighbor Demetreous Heath. 

In a heartbreaking embrace he told one of the victim’s sisters that he did all he could to help to help the couple who died trapped in the home, but he couldn’t get to them.  

“Anybody who knew these people they would have did the same thing just to try to help,” Demetreous said. 

Demetreous and his uncle Deek Smith saw their neighbors' house on Wingfield Ln. in southeast Charlotte go up in flames early Thursday morning. 

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“I said ‘I'm going to go through the front, y'all go through the back and we'll bust windows.’ I couldn't get through the window cause all the smoke was coming out the window and it was killing my breath, so I backed up and I heard a big boom, that's what made me back up farther. I was like we can't do nothing we can't get in there and he said ‘man I hear them I hear them,’ and I said ‘we can't get in there because of all this smoke and fire going on what can we do?’” 

They couldn't save Susan and Dennis Swafford. the couple and their dog sandy died in the fire a family members told FOX 46. 

“It’s very shocking it's just a horrific way to go,” said Dennis’ sister Janet. 

She’s devastated, but she and her brother Carl are taking comfort in two things: 

“My brother was a Christian and he's in God's hands now,” said Janet. 

“They were together for many years and they went together and I don't think they would have wanted it any other way because I don't think they could have been one without the other.” 

Fire officials aren't saying where the fire started, what caused it or if it's suspicious.