Neighborhood Banding Together Against Naked Man

Cardinal Glen resident Will Livingston and other neighbors have had enough. Livingston said, "If he is taking his clothes off - how do we know he won't take it to the next level, and assault one of these kids."

Livingston approached his neighbor, known as the "Naked Man" after people have been complaining about him exposing his private parts for years.  Livingston said, "When I approached him that's what make me think he knows right from wrong, because you speak from intelligence."

Neighbors have seen him stand at his front door naked, problem is, police say since he's inside his home, they can't charge him. But we found a loophole that could help put a stop to his nudity. Livingston said, "All it takes is one person that has seen him outside of his home - naked outside his dwelling."

Attorney Brad Smith confirmed that if just one witness has seen the "Naked Man" exposing himself in his front yard, where he is visible to the public, he could face indecent exposure charges. Smith said, "If your front yard is open - you can't be naked if it's viewable by the public."

Smith said it's a misdemeanor if he does it in front of an adult, and a felony if he exposes himself to a child under the age of 16. Smith said, "Often times, police don't actually witness a crime - they are acting on the what people tell them, and those are the ones who testify in court."