Neighborhoods across Charlotte area hit with rain, sleet, snow

Many neighbors across the Carolinas were choosing to stay inside with the roads Thursday night because of the snowfall. 

Road conditions are wet, which in some cases, is not safe. FOX 46 caught up with people on East Dixon Boulevard who were getting gas for the night. 

“I'm pretty prepared. I can get around in it. It's definitely hazardous because some people don't know how to drive in it, but I like it so far,” said Matthew Rollins, who lives in Shelby. 

Rollins works at the Valero gas station which sits next to a Bojangles. We caught up with families who had to stop here to get the dusting of snow off of their windshield. 

“Just be careful and do your best and try not to wreck,” Rollins said. 

Others say they're being extra careful tonight on the roads. One man says instead of taking his trip to Atlanta today, he's headed home. 

“I'm going to stay home and leave early hopefully in the morning,” said Zack Goode. 


The possibility of black ice was something that was on the minds of parents picking up their kids in Union County Thursday. 

"Road conditions and temperatures falling could get things really slippery," said parent Janell Wellman. 

This even for areas not expecting accumulation.

"If it's looking just wet, there's a good chance it's ice, so just slow down and take your time." 


The worst of it hit before sundown and by the evening, the snow had moved east and wasn't really on the ground anymore, but it still isn't helping the roads.

NCDOT says black ice will be a concern during the morning commute and South Carolina DOT says, accumulation or not, expect the unexpected

"Rain, ice, or snow ice mix, depending on the elevations." 

Over in Statesville, neighbors had a burst of unexpected snowfall, which came down heavy and fast. 


The area saw some accumulation on grassy surfaces and items such as cars and buildings. Down in Union County, 

As the whistles blew and the pickup lines continued moving, students in Union County headed home early ahead anticipated bad weather.

Students were released from school three hours early due to the weather.

"It's an early day and the weather is going to be that bad until later anyway. So I understand it, but I'm still surprised." Gregory Morrow said. 

"It was the right call especially with it coming between two and five. You can beat the rush hour traffic and get your kids home safe," Allen Donnahoo said.

The line for pick up at Indian Trail Elementary School was dozens of cars long with many parents saying how they had to rearrange their day for the early release.

"He usually goes to after school, but they closed that today too so I have to pick him up and take him with me to work," Morrow told FOX 46.

"I work in charlotte so for me to have the opportunity to make arrangements to get the kids early is important," said Amber Eubanks.

So far this winter has been a mild one, leaving some parents looking forward to seeing snow with their children. 

"I feel like it may jinx the chance of us getting snow, but I have 5-year-old twin boys and they're hoping we get snow because they love it," said parent Amber Eubanks. 

Officials in York County along with the NWS were prepared for the worst of winter weather, but thankfully, that didn't come.